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About Us

What is Gold Token?

The Gold Token (CGC) is a product of CryptoGold Limited. The CGC is an ETC-20 token that is backed by 100% physical gold, providing a high degree of investment security.

What security does Gold Token offer?

Safety comes first with Gold Token!
Every single Gold Token is 100% backed by one gram of physical gold. The gold treasure is managed at the moment by an independent company, the Deutsches Edelmetall GmbH. In addition, the value of the gold deposit is 100% insured. The equivalent value of the issued CGC is also regularly confirmed by an independent auditor.

The vision of the Gold Token

Classic value investments in gold are traditionally seen as safe investment, but promise relatively low returns. Crypto currencies, on the other hand, are very volatile, but they entail both high risks and opportunities as an investment.
The CGC combines the advantages of a classic investment in gold with the potential growth opportunities of a cryptocurrency.